Covid-19 – We are here for you.

In the face of COVID-19, businesses are scaling back operations and pivoting business models in an attempt to limit in-person interactions. While these measures are absolutely necessary, they severely impact small and independent businesses around the world.  

Our top priority continues to be making sure our customers and employees stay safe and healthy throughout this pandemic. To accomplish this priority, we will be making some short-term changes to allow the majority of our team to work from home, and we are also offering services and solutions specifically designed to help our customers. 

We have decided we will reduce all the fees to production cost for pharmacies, food shops offering deliveries, and businesses helping the nation through this difficult time. We will consider waiving the fees completely for those in need. Please do not overuse it – keep in mind we have been hit as well.

Services that will be offered at reduced to production cost rate are:


Alert Pop-up and Page Setup (Website Pop-up Alert Linking to Information Page).

Alert Pop-up to allow all visitors to your website to see a pop-up at the top of your website. This pop-up will link directly to a page on your website that provides the latest update from your business on how your daily services may be affected by COVID-19.

1-Time E-mail to Customer List  

E-mail update to your customers on how your services have changed during the COVID-19 pandemic. Pristine Media will send out an email after receiving your content, e-mail list and customer service e-mail address.  

Pharmacies, grocery stores and sanitation product suppliers with local delivery option.

We know that big markets are now failing to deliver goods in a timely manner and it has been difficult getting a free slot for a pick-up or home delivery waiting times have been extended, but there are small businesses still holding stock that might go to waste. 
We might be able to pre-upload the products for you, if your suppliers provide an electronic stock list. 

E-learning platforms

More than 300 million students are currently out of school as the COVID-19 outbreak intensifies.

Fortunately nowadays, there are numerous distance learning solutions such as learning management systems for schools, collaboration software, and SaaS e-learning platforms which mean that K12 students can keep on learning from the relative safety of their own homes.

We can provide a turn key solution for your school for you to start running an e-learning platform in no time. 

We would also like to help the already struggling music industry; so, if you are a musician with cancelled gigs educated to train others, please let us know and we will try to help you set up an e-learning environment. However, please be aware that we will prioritise schools.


Remote Work Software Setup

Remote to work computer, HIPAA-compliant, no VPN (virtual private network) required, quick response time, can be used with home computer.

Remote Phone/Video Conferencing Software Setup

Remotely manage calls, team chat, audio meetings, video conferencing, fax, call recording, voicemail to text from home.

Remote Office File Sharing – Office 365 or Google 

Remotely access Outlook, Word, Excel, OneNote, SharePoint, Teams, secure file sharing.

We will update this list once we think of anything else that we can do to help. 

Stay Safe,

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