10 Essential SEO Tips For Small Business

A beautiful and lovely looking website without much of the traffic and attention is just like a tempting gift wrapper with nothing to look forward to. The time is changing and so is the nitty-gritty of doing business online.

Websites are now more than just an eye candy for both the web developers and the clients & if you are not “doing it right” then probably the very reason for creating a website would not be fulfilled.

With an efficient SEO strategy, you can improve the ranking of the website, be visible and make revenues. The following points help you do that in a better way.

1. Content Is the King (and will Always be)

We know this for long as how Google adores the unique, well crafted & lucid content. So, the first thing you need to do is to be generous in creating the versatile content for a website because only a solid and clear-cut content would drive the users to your website.  The spider loves to crawl on the fresh content!

Duplication is what annoys the Google spider- well, not even the duplicate content on your own website. Also, keep adding fresh content to your website from time to time and in case you have a blog section, it’s bonus for you.

Don’t let your site struggle in the search engine with thin, boring and clouded content.

authority content

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2. Position keywords at right Spot & Avoid Misuse

Keywords is the “key” and having them appear in the website content often (not as often as that would seem stuffed which would lead to penalty) is a way to boost the page.  The keywords should be prudently placed in URL, page title, headers, Meta description, internal and footer links, navigation, heading and in the body of the content.It’s understandable that keywords are placed to obtain higher ranking for particular words, but it requires a thoughtful placement that makes real sense. Usually, it’s alright to appear 3-4 times on a page. 

choose right seo keywords

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3. Create A Clean Code And Html for smooth read

Creating clean code will allow the search engine to read your pages easily and when has it an easy job to do then it gathers a better picture of what’s stored on your website pages. Make the mark-up clutter free, uncomplicated and W3 standard-compliant. Using relevant use of tags and doing your codes semantically will make your site tidy.

While coding for the website make sure you externalize the Javascript and CSS. By doing this, you prevent the addition of the extra lines and thus increasing the speed of the crawling.

4. Crisp, short and to the point page title and exclusive meta Data

The page title should be like the gist of your content on a particular page. Create a thoughtful page title with the terms arranged in such a way that allows the user to search it quickly and also complements the content. The title should not be more than 60-70 characters; the stern search engine likes it this way. The Metadata (page title, body content and keywords) should be distinct for all your pages and especially the home page where the Meta title should be done intelligently. A finely done Meta data will give the search engine a positive impression about the structure of the website.

meta description

5. Offer variety in landing pages to create a fresh feel

If you may know then not every user is going to bump in your website through the homepage and so it makes an immense sense to create every page as a landing page that is different yet informative enough to let the user know where he is, and what he is up to. The website should place the logo and the message clearly above the fold for an elevated visibility.

tagove landing page


6. Save time by making a good use of Google Tools

When you have the tools to help you with SEO optimization then why not use them in all respect. The “two weapons” mentioned below are thoroughly useful to you for SEO purpose.

Google Analytics:Track your website visitors, and on the basis of the data report attained you can strategise your decision related to sales, & lead generation.

Google search console (Google Webmaster):Check for the keywords that lead the website to be listed in the SERP and the statistics how Google indexes the site.

7. Link firmly with the social media & yes, Stay There

If you are not doing this way then probably you are not the part of the rigorous SEO strategy yet. Connection, interaction, and relation are the core of any social media platform.

Connectto your target audience globally and get exposure to the larger picture.

Interactwith them freely; converse like a human and not like a robot. Build the trust.

Relationshipbuilding with the users will take you to different heights. Not only it will do the job of creating useful back-links but also helps you create a brand image widely visible.

Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc are some of the hot and happening places where you ought to be to increase your online visibility.

8. Put Images whenever you can enhanced effect

Images are often not given their due importance, but they are significant.

Put images in the alt attributes and only with the relevance to the content.Make a point that the page load is not slow due to the image size- keep it as small as it could go with optimum dpi so that the mobile users also have an access to it.  Always name your image in order to make it appear in the google search.

visual content

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9. Design A Search engine friendly navigation

While creating the website be sure that all the links are text based including the images and avoid the use of the flash in case you are not well versed with it. Go for the CSS that doesn’t create an issue with the crawling.

website navigation


10. Create easy-to-Discover URL

The best way to create a search engine friendly URL is to keep it simple yet descriptive with keywords that define your web page. An interesting and determined URL helps your website to be visible in the search engine, thus increasing prospects of getting ranked higher.

links on Google


The above tips form the basis of a SEO strategy and by applying these simple and intelligent methods the web developers would not only help their clients to achieve a better and effective result but also prepare them for the future changes in the SEO program.  

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