A little more conversation

It’s good to talk. Before we launch into any new project we like to get you talking. From where you started to where you’re going, we want to hear it all. The better we know you, the better your project becomes. Insight into your business gives us the power to sculpt your project around you and offer a style of project management which suits your way of working – and the task at hand – down to the ground.


Agile provides a more flexible and modern way of working, focused on quality and regular feedback. Every agile-structured project is divided into a number of smaller sub-projects called sprints. Every sprint follows a planning, design, coding, testing, feedback pattern, but the overall project does not. Instead each small sprint is completed to the highest standard, with plenty of client feedback, culminating in one final, high quality finished product.

If you’re looking for more involvement and insight into your digital project, agile may be the best process for you. It works incredibly well for more involved and flexible clients who want maximum input and a flawless finished article.


Often referred to as the traditional approach, waterfall is the most common methodology used to organise project management. If your project calls for a traditional, structured approach, this could be the route for you.

This approach’s name reflects the way the methodology is designed to work. The idea is that a waterfall project will flow down smoothly, from beginning to end. There are typically seven phases in a waterfall project, beginning with planning, and trickling down through design, development, deployment and closure.

Each stage in waterfall’s journey is designed to flow on naturally from the next, giving your project a very clear direction and ensuring there are no loose ends or hold-ups along the way.


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